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Our objective is to become one of the leading suppliers in the Civil Construction Industry in Southern Africa. Our goal is to provide a concise and quality service which is scalable to allow growth across Southern Africa.
Today, Down Touch tenders and executes contracts involving the construction, repairs, maintenance and resurfacing of provincial and international roads, municipal streets, storage yards, paring lots, airport taxi and runways. Most of our road work relies on the raw materials from one or more of the company’s asphalt plants. These plants produce asphalt for other contractors as well as our teams.
Through the years, Down Touch has expanded its areas of operation. We own and maintain the majority plant and machinery capable of handling contracts of all sizes.
Experienced personnel coordinate all road construction activities. Our road building management team understands the specific requirements of road construction. We emphasize quality, timeous delivery, at a competitive price.


We create projects that successfully move your brand forward.


To strive to be a company of quality people who are provided with excellent opportunities to personally grow and prosper. Working in a progressive business environment, our employees will seek challenge and accept pride in jobs well done.

Customer Satisfaction

To seek to provide quality work and products on time, in a courteous and professional manner, at a fair price. With this approach, we promote repeat business through satisfied customers and customer loyalty.


To work purpose driven to become one of the leading suppliers in the construction industry in terms of business conduct, cost performance, and market position. By dealing fairly and professionally with subcontractors, material suppliers, engineers, and other professionals, we seek association with the best companies.

Our Company

To seek to earn the public’s respect as a good corporate citizen. We will strive to maintain first class physical facilities that embrace communities.


Service to our customers, employees, communities, and shareholders are the reasons our businesses exist.

In this service we deeply value:

  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Continuous
  • Improvement
  • Transformation
We commit to work together fairly and safely, holding these values for the common good.